Friday, March 20, 2020

Earning their Kibble

I was giggling at my cat Tibby swatting and chasing her catnip mouse this morning when I logged in to check on my students' writing. I had asked them to share something that made them laugh this week, and I was eager to see what they posting. The mouse skidded over my socks with the cat in pursuit, but the hardwood floor was too slippery and Tibby overshot her quarry. She recovered with a nimble somersault and slapped the mouse into the living room where the chase continued.

I was still chuckling as I began to scroll through the moments of joy the kids had found in a week of uncertainty.

What do you know? Most of them? Were laughing at their crazy pets, too.


  1. It's important to find those little moments of joy with so much uncertainty right now!

  2. I look forward to being able to write about my pet. I look forward to being able to interact with my Scholars again. I love this post. Pets are so fun.

  3. Yikes, your writing is so action backed that for a minute I thought that mouse was alive. Funny what a little catnip will do.