Wednesday, March 25, 2020

And They Knew that It Was Much More than a Hunch

I had a virtual meeting with my sixth grade interdisciplinary team today. Nobody told us we should; it just seemed like a good idea. So at 11 AM, I used a free online conferencing service and invited the rest of the team to join my meeting. Once everyone was on, I set my screen to tile view, and nine smiling faces formed a little tic tac toe board. It was for all the world like our own little version of the Brady Bunch opening.

We shared tele-teaching successes and challenges, and started a spreadsheet to keep track of kids who were not doing everything as expected and documenting any outreach to students and families. The Slice of Life writing my students are doing has allowed us to stay connected and it has also given me a window into their daily lives, so I added my colleagues to my learning management course, in case they wanted to check in with the kids, too.

It felt really great to be collaborating again in real time to support our students, and we all agreed to meet again next Wednesday, if not before. We've always been a good, well-functioning team, but these times are bringing us even closer.


  1. It was truly uplifting to connect again. We are pack animals, aren't we?

  2. We meet each morning in Google Meet with our entire family. I thought it would be a pain, and I really look forward to it each morning.

  3. Good idea to invite other teachers into the student slices. No need to hog all the fun stuff at a time like this!

  4. It was so reassuring! (I need to figure out that tile view.) I appreciate the Brady Bunch tie-in, perhaps more than most of the others.