Sunday, March 22, 2020

Trail Report

Another day, another ramble in the park. This morning we headed out pretty early to a relatively remote regional park, and although we had the trail mostly to ourselves, there were still several occasions when we politely stepped six feet over and allowed other walkers to pass. 

It may have been the socially distant thing to do, but it sure gave us an earful as groups approached and passed. For example, there was the lady hiking with about 8 other seniors and wailing "America" at the top of her lungs. God shed his grace on theeeeeeeeee! she sang off key.

Next, a man, perhaps in his sixties, passed us walking alone, but having a rather heated conversation on his phone. "Nobody gives a damn about the retirement savings of an 84 year old man! They have other things on their minds!" he scoffed as he marched away.

And then there was the little boy and his mom who we passed. The kid was up in the woods getting ready to climb on a rock. 

"Come back here!" his mom demanded.

"I can't," he insisted. "Social distance," he explained over his shoulder and kept on climbing.

"He can't stay distant forever," we laughed as we passed his scowling mom.


  1. I love overhearing snippets of stranger's conversations and you captured it so well in this slice. I love the child's retort especially. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I really got a vivid sense of your walk in the park; I could catch these snippets saling past as I read your post. I hope the mom appreciated your joke later.

  3. How nice to know I'm not the only one who sings out when I think I alone in nature.

  4. Remote, but plenty of action. Each encounter seems worthy of a story of its own slice.