Friday, March 26, 2021

Dogs in Space

When we went to pick up Lucy from doggie daycare this afternoon, there was a 4-month old pug puppy at our dog walker's house. Evie was a little shy; she watched the rough and tumble of the big dogs from behind the toy basket, her flat face peeking over the stuffies, and looking for all the world like ET hiding in the closet. And when at last she ventured out on her strangely long legs (she'll fill into them), she strongly resembled an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars. 

Really? Is it any wonder that the creators of Men in Black chose Frank the pug as the perfect disguise for a friendly alien? It really isn't much of a stretch.


  1. Those eyes! Nice work tapping into the inspiration goofy creatures like this one provide.

  2. This slice was truly inspired from beyond. Pugs are so dear.