Saturday, March 27, 2021

Write On

We were about an hour from home and the sun was still low on the horizon when I realized that I had not updated the slice of life for my students. "I have to pull over!" I told Heidi and then scanned the interstate anxiously for the next rest stop or exit. 

Five minutes later we were idling in a park and ride lot as I cussed a little at the limited functionality of the app and my phone. The task that would have taken maybe 60 seconds if I had remembered to do it on my lap top, as I meant to, before leaving school, seemed interminably glitchy. 

"Are you sure it can't wait until later?" Heidi asked, noting my frustration. 

"Somebody is going to log on looking to post!" I replied. "It has to be there!" 

At last I was able to save and publish, and we were just about to resume our Spring Break road trip when a little chime sounded on my phone. 

"Where's the slice of life for today?" the message read. 

"Refresh your screen!" I replied. "It's there now." 

"Yay! Thanks!" the student responded. 

I took a deep breath and relaxed as I eased the car back into the flow of traffic. When the kids are that eager to write? It's worth an unplanned pit stop to let them.


  1. Dedication personified, on both fronts!

  2. so glad you remembered to get your slice in for your class, and then to have the reinforcement of a student wanting to see it and use it.

  3. Thank goodness for that little computer we call a phone.

  4. This is golden and so worth the pit stop!