Thursday, March 1, 2018

Student View

On the last day of our enrichment session a group of students preformed the drama circle they had written. Entitled "A Day in the Life of a Dolphin Student" it took us through a typical sixth grade schedule. They hilariously captured the essence of each one of the team teachers, poking fun at us without crossing the line into disrespect.

Here's how they dramatized my class:

Person 1) Good morning Ms. S (wave)

Ms S) Get you log checked, record your log, clear your desk, get into canvas, and enter Modules. (list on fingers, across like it’s an on-going list)

Ms S) 5. (shout)

Ms S) You better hurry up! (shout)

Ms S ) 3 (shout)

Ms S)If not you will have lunch detention! (shout)

Ms S) 0 (shout)

Ms S) Done! You should be in modules, modules! MODULES!!! and then I’d like you to click on…

Person 1) But I’m not done! (frustrated shout)

Ms S) I gave you a bunch of time… (act nonchalant, smart alecky)

Person 1) You didn’t even count even numbers!! (frustrated shout, throw arms in air)

Ms S) Life isn’t always fair… Ahahahahahaha (start laughing maniacally)

Person 4). Um, Why are you laughing at you own joke? (act really confused)

Ms S) Hahahahahahahahaha (laugh uncontrollably, maniacally)

S) It’s funny! (throws arms into the air)

Person 1) (roll eyes)

Sound effects) *Bringggg*

For the record? Although I am known for laughing at my own jokes (only when they're funny!), I do not skip numbers or give lunch detention.


  1. My favorite part is "You should be in modules!" Sounds like someone is using Canvas with great enthusiasm.

  2. The maniacal (sp?) tone of this is hysterical and ironic :)