Sunday, July 21, 2019

There's No Doubt about It

When, as a type 1 diabetic, Heidi has a low blood sugar, her remedy of choice is lemonade, preferably? Minute Maid. During the day, at home, cans work nicely; at night juice boxes make the most sense since they are single-serve and can be stored under the bed. And when traveling, bottles are best since they can be opened and closed as many times as necessary without worrying about spills.

Today we were running errands, and it just so happened that we needed all of those. Oh, and did I mention that Heidi's beverage of choice these days is a very potent version of lemon water? So lemons were on the grocery list as well.

As we wheeled our cart toward the checkout, I looked at its contents with an objective eye. "We. have. all. the. lemons!" I laughed diabolically.

Heidi was more philosophical. "Think of all the weird stuff people must buy here," she mused. "You know they have to train the cashiers not to react!"

Sure enough, our lemonade bonanza was scanned and paid for without comment

Saturday, July 20, 2019

He's Still Standing

We saw Rocketman today. The fanciful musical biopic of Elton John made me look at his music so differently. It seems impossible that all those songs could have been so autobiographical, especially since the lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin, but... there it was.

After the closing credits we stood in the lobby and chatted with our friends about the movie. "Wow! You really seem to know a lot about Elton John!" someone told me as I was able to plug a few of the gaps she saw in the narrative.

I shrugged. I guess it's true, and it's probably because not only was I alive at the time and recall many of the events, but also because like Bohemian Rhapsody, this film told the story of a person not that much older than I am who nearly ruined himself because his sexuality was considered unacceptable by a society I remember well.

Watching John's struggle was painful, but the underlying anachronism of those times was meant to show how far we have come in the last 50 years. I suppose there is consolation in that.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Home Run

There was no convenient show time any movie we wanted to see at our local theater, but since the temperature was pushing 100,  I searched a little farther afield and found a showing of Spiderman not too far away. "But will they have cheese popcorn?" Heidi wanted to know, because ever since our neighborhood theater added that to the menu, we haven't gone anywhere else, which is not a coincidence.

I searched the chain's website, but a full menu was not available.

"How about Garrett's?" I suggested, since we would be close to the mall, but a stop there was too much time and trouble. "That grocery store with the super cheesy corn is right over there," I said next.

Heidi shrugged unconvinced, "I guess so, if we have time," she sighed.

"Why don't we just see what they have there?" I asked, and in the end, that is what we decided to do.

Despite the heat and the opening of the live action version of The Lion King, the theater was dead, and we bought our tickets and went directly to the concession stand without delay. There on the menu was an item called "Cheetos Popcorn", which was basically a very cheesy popcorn tossed with actual Cheetos.

Good enough!

Thursday, July 18, 2019


I was out of the house before 8:30 this morning, off to pick up our CSA share, get my hair cut, and have the car washed all before meeting our friend Mary for a quick stop at school and then lunch in the new food hall now known as Ballston Quarter Market.

The biggest surprise of the day was waiting for me when I hopped back in the car after it was clean. There, on the back seat, was my mitten!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A New Thing

We had some shrimp and scallops in the freezer, so I promised Heidi risotto, one of her favorites. At the garden I picked corn and okra and peppers and tomatoes, so I was feeling a bit of a southern vibe.

The solution? Fusion!

I made a risotto that started with onions, peppers, and celery and was finished with shaved okra, corn, and tomatoes. The dish came out like a silky dirty rice with gumbo overtones and the seafood with lemon, garlic, and basil was very complimentary.


Success! Would totally make again.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Chores

By 9 AM the 4 happy birthday texts of the day were sent, the coffee was made, the dog was walked, the garden was weeded, the tomatoes, okra, corn, and peppers were picked, the flowers on the deck and out front were watered, the robin's nest was removed from the eaves, and I was ready to shower.

It's good to be home! 

Monday, July 15, 2019

My Navigator

In general? I couldn't be more satisfied with the navigation app on my phone. Offering three routes, indicating congestion whether slow traffic or stop-and-go, suggesting time-saving changes enroute, and always giving me my trip mileage and estimated arrival time, I couldn't ask for more. So, when today the app recommended getting off a clear interstate in favor of some local roads, not only did I not hesitate, I gleefully steered toward the opportunity to explore a new and quicker way home.

Uhhh... that was until it directed me into a gas station parking lot, around a fast food drive thru, back the way we had just come, into a U turn at an outlet mall and right back onto the interstate. And our ETA never changed.

Laughing about it later with my brother and sister and mom, we all agreed that my destiny had changed when I took that exit. What actually happened was not what would have happened had we continued forward-- the time, the vehicles, the drivers were all reshuffled, and we drove on with a new deck, arriving safely at home.