Monday, March 13, 2017

Will It or Won't It?

There's a blizzard a-comin!

To Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston... But we live in Washington, DC, which, after a snow-less winter, is right on the snow-rain line of this miraculous March event.

And it is also where we live in fear of the disappointing epitaph of the oncoming weather:

The reports of our snowstorm have been gravely exaggerated.

Apologies to Mark Twain! (Excuse me while I turn my PJs inside out and flush an ice cube down the drain.)


  1. I'm ready - ice cubes and PJs prepared and a spoon in the freezer for good measure. Fingers crossed.

  2. We did both of those things and put a spoon under a pillow. Looks like we're all doing our part.