Sunday, March 31, 2013

What a Tweet

Like many things, I have been rather slow to embrace Twitter. While my brother has been an avid follower for a few years, I joined just last summer, and then only so I could get the inside scoop on where the food trucks would be (but that's another blog post).

Since then, though, I have definitely come to appreciate it. More than any other media, it offers spontaneous and immediate communication boiled down to what seems like the essentials. Not only do I know where the food trucks are and what they may be running low on, I can also see what the snow looks like from the studio window of an author I admire, what a certain celebrity cooked for dinner, or even get the answer to my own personal question from a famous chef.

But, wait! There's more: I can find out what trails are open in my favorite National Park, whether or not that actress is really going to challenge the senate minority leader, what books my friends are reading, and if it might rain tomorrow. All in one place, all in 140 characters, whether I really need to know it or not.


  1. I have a Twitter account but really never use it. I guess I need to get into the 21st century and begin. Hope to see you more on Tuesdays. Jackie

  2. I too have the account but am slow to get on board. Perhaps I should give it another look. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. I've been on Twitter for 2 years, and in the beginning it was hard to stay away. Now I jump in a skim the tweets and gather some great ideas from other teachers. Welcome to the twitterverse!
    Chris (@readsomuch)