Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Fun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Today was definitely more eventful than yesterday. We kicked off the morning with an epic toilet overflow (in the other bathroom) along with all the attendant bleaching and nasty laundry, and continued on to attic reorganization, fluorescent tube replacement, and a litany of little things that should have been done months, if not years, ago.

Do I feel a sense of accomplishment? Sort of, although it's kind of a bummer to look at the water stains on the ceiling. In addition to all that, the seeds are started are sprouting and I finished the NY Times Sunday Crossword. AND?

We still have plenty of break to go.


  1. Oh no! A toilet overflow is not the way to start any day. It does sound like you got a lot accomplished. I'm impressed you completed the NY Times Sunday Crossword. I hope the fun does come out tomorrow for you.

  2. My husband is down trying to finish the puzzle--that's a huge accomplishment. I'd focus on that instead of the water stains. And keep cheering those seeds on--I think we've all had it with winter.

  3. I often begin my Break by getting things done (although not a toilet overflow) and then spread the second have just having fun. I hope you find time for the fun!