Saturday, April 30, 2011

A is for Alphabiography

I've issued another writing challenge to my students for the month of May:

An Alphabiography tells stories of your life in short chapters, with each chapter focusing on someone or something important to you.
  • We will work on this challenge for the month of May.
  • You are required to post at least two chapters each week (for a total of 10), but you can post a chapter every day if you want to. CHALLENGE: Post a chapter for all 26 letters of the alphabet and four numbers to win a prize!
  • Each chapter will end with a short “Life Lesson,” something you believe, something you’ve learned, something you want to teach the reader, or an explanation of why the subject of the chapter title is important to you.
  • Each chapter will have a title that begins with a new letter of the alphabet. 
  • The chapters will vary in length. The minimum is 75 words, but two of your chapters must be at least 250 words. 

In response, my students issued a challenge to me-- that I complete the assignment along with them. How could I say no? Watch this space for the results.

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