Thursday, May 16, 2013

Purse Strings of Tomorrow

As I mentioned the other day, my students have been composing essays on the topic, Your school has some extra money. They could spend it on sports equipment, computers, the cafeteria, or something else. What do you think the money should be used for?

Now that all their writing pieces are in, here's a round-up of what they thought we should get:

Cafeteria improvements 14
Computers 9
Sports Equipment 5

Those were suggested in the prompt, the other popular ideas were:

Enhanced security 7
Outdoor classroom 4
Video games 3
Pool 3
Anti-bullying device 3
Student shushers 3
Rooftop garden/cafe3
Smart boards 2
Robots 2
Student lounge 2
Magic Hogwarts-style school 2

But an interesting thing about this year, was that we had the most unrepeated ideas, ever.

Better playground with tree houses
Baseball team
Skateboard ramp
Beanbag chairs and clipboards to replace the desks
Better science lab
Fishing pond
Nutella vending machines
Library improvements
More trade books in classroom libraries
Dance lab
More individualized instruction
Theater renovation
Painting the outside of our building
Making our school a certified green building
Underground aquarium
Candy room
Softer toilet paper
More tissues in the classrooms

I think most of those ideas are pretty good. I guess this generation can take over in 30 years or so.

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  1. Bean bags and clip boards...sure seems like someone's been telling tales about Maine. Am I right?

    And by the way, I'm planning to borrow your prompt--this seems like a fun one.