Monday, March 18, 2013

Street Talk

I have a boy in my class this year who stands out partially because of his commitment to projecting a tough, street-wise image. He wears flashy clothes and liberally references rappers who are known more for their criminal charges than their music. Oh, he definitely has his sweet side, but I was still a little startled to hear him ask one of his peers for help today in class.

"Will you be a dear and check this for me?"

The other student consented with a nod; he didn't even find the request unusual, so I rolled with it, too.


  1. That is precious! Makes me think that he's got some sweet family members at home, and he's absorbing more than his middle school self wants to believe or show! Great that you overheard this. Loved that you didn't reveal your astonishment!

  2. That made me literally LOL!

  3. This sounds so sixth grade....which is why I love teaching sixth grade.