Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Training

The first afternoon of spring was more lion than lamb here, and there was a raw breeze blowing through iron skies as I set off for a walk through the neighborhood a little while ago. The sight of a baseball being tossed back and forth across a field reminded me of the new season though, and I smiled as I made my way toward it. At first all I could see was the ball arcing from side to side through an opening in the buildings ahead, but when I entered the clearing my smile widened to see that it was a mom and her little girl practicing throwing and catching.

"Turn your glove over," the mom instructed, "and don't try to use your bare hand; you'll get hurt that way." She tossed the ball and her daughter just missed.

"My pants are falling down!" the little girl explained as she dropped her glove and began tugging on the waistband of her warm-ups.

"... but..." her mother's response was lost to me on the wind, but I saw the girl's face light up in surprise.

"What?!" she asked her mom, giggling.

And this time I was close enough to hear. "I guess if you don't want your pants to fall down, you're going to have to grow a butt!"

The two of them collapsed in laughter, and just like that, the chill vanished from the afternoon.


  1. What a fun interaction to see and overhear! You really captured it here. Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face!

  2. What a wonderful slice - this made me laugh out loud! This line really tugged at me: "but, when I entered the clearing my smile widened..."

  3. Love! The fun of spring - so glad you shared!

  4. I could picture your running day. I could see how the chill vanishes after that exchange between daughter and mother. Happy running!

  5. What a funny moment! I'm literally smiling right now, so thank you for capturing it!