Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Seen and Unseen

It was still a little dark when a flash of orange in the gully below me caught my attention immediately as I was walking the dog this morning. Next I saw the size of the creature... was it some small dog eluding its leash?

My eyes widened and involuntary Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! s escaped me as I watched the fox dash through the culvert at my feet and follow the line of houses around and into the woods, never looking back even once.

"Did you see that?" I said to my old dog, but alas the answer was no, and so we ambled on into the gloom.


  1. I remember seeing a beautiful fox once - up in the woods in Minnesota. I was in my car and the fox had just stepped out of the woods. My reaction was the same as yours! After several moments, it turned and vanished back into its world. Your dog walks sound like fun adventures!

  2. Right here? That's amazing - and amazing that the dog didn't even notice.

  3. Whenever I see a fox it always takes me back a bit. I like how you described your reaction.