Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Topic Was Grammar

Today my friend accused me of choosing my English Department professional study group just so that I would have something to write about this year. Of course, she made the allegation on the ride back to school after our first meeting about which I was, if not complaining, exactly, at least making some acerbic observations.

There was some surprise among my peers when I told them that I had chosen the session on approaches to teaching grammar. I guess they assumed that as a process-based workshop-approach teacher, I would be anti-grammar instruction. (Hyphen check! Where should they be in that sentence? I think there are too many.) That's not true at all, though. Although I am against teaching grammar out of context, particularly in a skill and drill format, I understand that correct grammar is an essential and valuable tool for communicating clearly and effectively, which is why I signed up for the group.

It so happens that out of over a hundred English teachers in the county, only five others picked the grammar group, and it became clear to me early on that there were some philosophical differences between me and most of the others. I don't mind, though. It will give me something to write about.

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