Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slice of Life Story Challenge-- Day 1

We're preparing for a big snow storm here. The timing and conditions seem perfect for a day or two off from school-- the snow is supposed to start this afternoon and accumulate 4-8 inches (or more!) throughout the night, the temperature is predicted to stay below freezing all day tomorrow-- not all that common in Virginia. The other teachers I've talked to today are making a point of not getting their hopes up, for fear of not only having to rise before dawn tomorrow, but of doing so with the extra burden of disappointment.

I won't mind going to school tomorrow, but I wouldn't mind an extra day off, either. When I was a little girl, my mother made sally lunn and spiced tea for us when it snowed. Sally lunn is a yeast bread, enriched with eggs and butter, and the tea was mixed with orange juice, sugar, and cinnamon. I have my sally lunn rising in the kitchen right now.


  1. Let the sally lunn rise! Looks like there might be a snow day for those of us in Massachusetts, too. I enjoyed your optimistic Slice o' Life!

  2. I'm kind of hoping it doesn't snow since we're already pretty deep into June.

  3. I remember snow days. Now that I live in a tropical country with many American teachers, it's funny that we still refer to those unexpected days off as snow days:)

  4. Mmm ... I used to love Sally Lunn. I'll have to pull out a cookbook and see if I find a good recipe. I did some baking tonight with the storm in mind, too: corn muffins to have with my coffee in the morning. Guess it's natural to warm up the kitchen with the comforting heat and scents of baking when you'r thinking of snowstorms, eh? Great slice!