Monday, September 19, 2016


"I want a tattoo of Isabel!" Heidi told me a few weeks ago.

"Hmmm," I said, "maybe you should wait a little to make sure that's what you really, really want."

She shrugged sadly. "I just want something I can look at it any time to remember her."

I understood what she meant, even though I am not a big fan of tattoos. (Okay. I kind of hate them.)

Early the next morning I got to work. We had gotten temporary dragonfly tats at a taco place in Atlanta, and it occurred to me that such things must be for sale somewhere. I easily found a website, and then an image, and in a matter of minutes a dozen little temporary tattoos were on their way.

They arrived today and boy! Are they super cute and really seem to capture Isabel's spirit. Maybe such a permanent reminder wouldn't be so bad.

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