Sunday, July 24, 2016

You Have Arrived at Your Destination

Today was the point in their annual visit when we had to share Richard and Annabelle with the other side of their family, and so up the Parkway, around the Beltway, and down River Road to Nanny's house we rode.

It was a merry ride, partially because the kids were excited to see not only their grandmother, but also their aunt, uncle, and three cousins visiting from Arizona, and partially because this year, they would be returning to us for a day or two before heading home.

It was also a short ride, and we played our favorite car game, I'm Going on a Picnic, until we were almost there and Heidi began to navigate using the phone. "Turn right in 1.8 miles," she told me.

"Turn right in 1.8 miles," Richard repeated. "Didn't I sound just like a GPS?!" he asked.

"That was pretty good," I admitted. "I think you may have a future in GPS voice work!" I teased him.

"I don't know," Heidi said. "What other accents or voices can you do? People like that feature for their devices."

"Yeah," I agreed, "like can you do it in a YouTuber accent?"

"What??" he said.

"You know, like, Hey guys! Today we're going to Nanny's and we have to turn right in 1.8 miles. It's going to be AWESOME! So let's get started!" I offered.

"Or what about the Backyardigans style?" I asked. "Can you do that one?"

We're going to Nanny's, gotta turn right in a mile! we sang.

"Now, what about the bunny in Secret Life of Pets?" I suggested.

"They're turning right in 1.8 miles! Get 'em!" Annabelle said in a pretty good imitation.

"How about Batman?" Heidi said, "Oh look! We're here."

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