Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lucky Thirteen

We took our dog swimming for her 13th birthday today. Truth be told, she has been rather slow and lethargic over the last few weeks and we were hoping that one of her favorite activities would perk the old girl up.

It's hard to find clean swimming spots in our urban area, and so we were more than willing to give a new place about 30 minutes from our home a try. It was primarily a new-agey kind of rehab facility for older and injured dogs, but they had open swim time in their chlorine-free pools, too. The place was empty when we got there, but the set-up was not what we expected.

An employee in a wet suit led Isabel away to suit her up in a canine life jacket while the owner of the establishment made small talk with us. Once she was in the pool, we were allowed to go back and watch, but the attendant would not allow her to get in and out of the water at will. She paddled around a little while, fetching a floaty and a tennis ball, but she never really got into it.

Towards the beginning of her swim, the owner came over to watch as Isabel made her way serenely around the perimeter of the small lap pool. "Her energy!" the woman said. "It's so, so? So... wonderful!" she finished.

That it is, I agreed silently. Happy Birthday, Isabel.

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