Saturday, April 23, 2016

Uh Odes!

I spent a bit of my morning reading over and commenting on the odes that my students wrote yesterday in celebration of Earth Day. In general, I would say the opportunity to go outside for inspiration and details paid off-- their odes were sweet and concrete.  When it came to conclusions, though, there were a few challenges. See if you can tell what I mean:

O'Earth thank you for all you have done to the animals--
have a great day!


Even though you are insignificant
in the cosmic scheme,
we will always love you


O' little blue marble,
what would I do without you!


you are glorious
and glamorous
and yet
we still destroy you.
Oh Earth.


oh earth I will never forget your gifts that you share with us
thank you and happy birthday.


As we run, walk, and jog,
you are the birthplace
and home to thousands of people.


thx for being a
wonderful planet

and my personal favorite:

I feel the air is pushing me back and forth
O earth what would the world be without you?

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