Sunday, March 8, 2015

Redistribution of Time

There's one day a year when I barely need think about what my topic will be when I sit down to compose my thoughts to write, and that day is this– the dreaded dawn of despicable daylight savings time. The challenge has become how to freshly frame my rant.

Fortunately, an Internet meme making the rounds today perfectly expresses my opinion of this outlandish construct:

Only a fool would think that cutting a foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it to the bottom would make the blanket longer.

Well said, World Wide Web, well said.


  1. I was looking forward to your rant today. Outlandish construct...that's great. Love the meme as well - it could be applicable to so many things we do. Great article in the Post today essentially revealing the myths behind DST.

  2. Nice alliteration (i.e., dreaded dawn of despicable daylight savings time). It perfectly captures how most of us feel about that day. BTW: I read somewhere today is National Nap Day. Good call, powers-that-be. Too bad I don't have time to take one!