Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Evening Stroll

It was soggy to be sure, but not really raining, when we loaded the dog in the station wagon and headed downtown for a change of scenery and some fresh air. At 5 PM most of the museums on the National Mall were closing and so we had our pick of parking spaces. We chose one right across from the iconic red stone castle and started our walk through the gardens in the back.

Spring has not yet sprung– the beds were brown and barren– but the soft weather and mild air promised it would soon. We continued on our way past the sculpture garden (no dogs allowed) and on toward the Capitol. While waiting for the light to change to cross 4th St, I glanced to my left and, seeing the National Building Museum looming above the courthouse, suggested we turn there.

Threading the needle between the East Wing and the National Gallery to cross Constitution, up we climbed through John Marshall Park and on by the Canadian Embassy, around Judiciary Square, and into the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial where we were captivated by the all the lion sculptures. Another quick left and we found ourselves on the way to the Verizon Center. Left again, past the Crime and Punishment Museum, and after a stop at Red Velvet Cupcakes, we were headed back to the Mall via the National Archives and Natural History Museum.

An hour after we parked, we loaded our dog back into the car and headed home, clear-headed and full of appreciation for our hometown.

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  1. That's awesome. I've enjoyed two days in the city as well - and am reminded that it is a pretty wonderful place for so many reasons. Your loop sounds like a good circuit. Thanks