Monday, February 2, 2015

We Interrupt Your Regular Programming

This is the time of year when there is a definite lull in television options for us. Members of the three-channel, test-pattern generation as we are, it's not that there is nothing on, it's just that there is nothing on. Our situation is probably further complicated by the fact that we have 90 minutes, MAX, a day to sit down and watch anything, so many times when there are shows that sound interesting or promising, we ignore them because we know they probably won't fit in with our one-maybe-two shows a night habit.

But in late January, early February, there aren't a lot of new episodes of the targeted female 45-55 demographic programs that we enjoy, so we branch out. In past years, we've taken the opportunity to hop on the bandwagon of some of those shows we formerly shunned for lack of time. For example, The Good Wife is now a staple on our DVR, but they're not broadcasting right now. Last year, Breaking Bad filled the void, and this year? It's The Sopranos. We just finished season one, and I now that I have time to get the fuss, I totally get the fuss.

It doesn't seem that long ago that Tony, Carmella, and Dr. Melfi were permanent fixtures at all the award ceremonies, but watching the show from its 1999 beginning is like traveling in a time machine, and the Twin Towers in the opening sequence are the keys. Oh, I know the final episode famously fades to black, but that's really all I know, and I plan to keep it that way, even as the other shows I like come back on the air.

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  1. "it's not that there is nothing on, it's just that there is nothing on" - I absolutely love that line! We, too watched the Sopranos long after the fuss had died down. Our next show may be the West Wing. It seems like binging, without the commercials, brings new life to the older network shows. So little time, so much to watch,