Thursday, January 13, 2011

Would I Get a Lolly Pop?

Who knows where some conversations come from?

The other day I heard myself tell the students in my homeroom that I would give a lolly pop to anyone who could make me laugh out loud. To be fair, I'm pretty sure one of the kids started it. I think it went something like this:

Student: We should have a suggestion box.
Me: Okay.
Student: Or, just a comment box.
Me: Okay.
Student: Or a joke box... Yeah that's it!
Me: What would we do with a joke box?
Student: You could just read the jokes at the end of every month.
Me: Why don't we just tell jokes sometimes?
Student: Why would we do that?

And so it went, until six students were crowded around my desk trying to tell me jokes. Maybe it's performance anxiety, maybe I'm a tough audience, but so far only one has made me laugh:

Q: Why don't sea gulls fly over the bay?
A: Because then they would be bay gulls.

Wait for it...

Funny, right?


  1. I don't get it

    "bagels" I get but

    where's the pun? What do seagulls and bays have to do with bagels?

    I am pretty much just sitting trying to figure this out

  2. It's just the relationship between the sea and the bay that makes it funny-- that and the fact that bagels aren't birds and can't fly-- har har har, get it?

  3. If someone cried you might have a nice little story here...

  4. I laughed out loud! Very funny.