Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day One

Okay. It's really hard not to scold kids. Here were the hazardous conversations I had to have today alone: the seven children who did not have their homework, the three who did not bring anything to write with to my class, the two who were tardy unexcused, the one who snapped the pencil I had just lent him in half and left it on the table when class was over, the one who broke one of my rulers and threw it on the floor, and the several who felt it necessary to have side conversations when one of their classmates was reading.


  1. I understand your original theory about not scolding kids, but sorry, I think it is your responsibility as a teacher to do so and remind them of accountability.

  2. Maybe it doesn't have to be framed as "scolding." Hard to do (and I do scold my little people) but turning it around to the positive expectation is so very worthwhile if possible.

    PS -- I learned that from my big sister so I know it's good advice.