Monday, December 14, 2009

No Killer Instinct

I guess it's time to file the follow up report on our basketball season. Back in October, I chronicled the saga of tryouts and cutting the team in a six-part series. I wrote about our decision to leave the girl who is arguably the best player in the school off the team because she had a bad attitude and seemed unable to follow directions. I said the team was nice, and that was fine with me.

Well... we are 0 and 7. We had our last practice today, and the final game of the season is tomorrow. We are not expected to win. We lost our closest game by three, but just the other day, we were humiliated at home, 53-8. At one point in that game the score was 33-0.

Has it been a demoralizing season for the players? It's hard to say. They seem upbeat in practice, and they work hard and execute what we are teaching them. They have personally improved, but they are not a competitive team. The other teams are bigger and stronger and more talented, and in the games, our girls are timid and flat.

It's never easy to have a losing season, but this will be the first time in my years of coaching that we have been winless. Nicest team ever, worst record ever. Could there be a connection?

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