Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Telling Tales Out of School

My first day of school went pretty well; we have some nice sixth graders, and I don't have any complaints. Teachers do talk though, and I submit the following for your consideration:

The teacher who spent the whole first day telling the students about himself, complete with family photos and a quiz at the end.

The teacher who showed every class the wrong way to enter his room, slamming his door at least ten times.

The teacher who asked students to share an anecdote from their summer, and when they finished, called on the kids who didn't raise their hands and made them contribute, but, unbeknown to the students, only gave participation points to the ones who volunteered.

The teacher who felt her intensified class is over-crowded and so intends to lay on the work load to see who "should" be there.

The teacher who lectured on rules and procedures the whole first day, promising at the end of each class that it wasn't going to be like that every day.

The two teachers, one a specialist and the other a special ed teacher, who kicked two special education students and a general ed kid out of a class of 15 the first period of the day.

Oh my.


  1. They all sound terrible. Although I had teachers that did some of those things today.