Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Had a Great Idea

for this post. It was around 4:30, I had spent some time in my classroom (in the summer it reminds me of the interior of those haunted houses in movies, all dusty and covered up) working on the Adolescent Identity thing, but I was on my way to the grocery store. Zipping along on a pretty busy stretch of road, (what happened to the merge lane?!!) it hit me, a great title and all. I wondered if I should drive one handed and fish around for a pencil and notebook, but the concept seemed so clear to me that it was almost haloed in golden light in my mind's eye. I opted to operate my vehicle in accordance with state and local ordinance. Got to the store, concept still there, parked, picked up a cart, started checking the origin of the produce-- Is it organic? Is it local? Impressed by the price of peanut butter, I bought two, as I did with the dishwasher tabs that were on sale, too. Over at the wine aisle, I was completely engaged in choosing one that paired with our dinner and a couple others that I liked having on hand. And on I went through the grocery store, leaving well satisfied with my active shopping. I have since cooked that dinner and enjoyed some of the wine, and all along I've been racking my brain for that perfect idea I had, but I can not recall it.

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