Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me Thinks the Chicken Never had a Chance, M'Lady

With yet another nephew visiting, we have planned some fun things to do this week. The weather here has been unusually glorious for July-- low 80's and very little humidity, courtesy of a big southern dip in the jet stream. Unfortunately, our gain has been others' loss: friends who live or have traveled to the north this summer have reported that their weather has been downright chilly up there. We took advantage of our blue skies yesterday, taking a picnic out to Great Falls National Park. This place is a stand-by for us-- water falls, good climbing boulders, and some pretty easy hiking make it a favorite of all the kids in our lives, and the boys had an excellent time.

Today we set out for Baltimore to spend the afternoon at the National Aquarium and to have dinner at Medieval Times. The boys had a good enough time in both places-- there was a dolphin show, a jelly fish exhibit, sharks and rays, horses, knights, jousting, sword-fighting and a meal eaten entirely with your fingers.

By the time they served us our dinner tonight, I was starving, so as the Green Knight galloped past our cheering section and through the spot-lit arena, I quickly skinned, boned, and devoured the roast chicken quarter that our server had plopped onto my pewter plate in the dark. He was a little taken aback when he came a few minutes later with my potato and spare rib. "Me thinks the chicken never had a chance, M'lady!"

Before the boys leave, we always ask what their favorite part of the trip was. I wonder what their answers will be this time. I don't think they had any more fun today than they did yesterday, or the day before that we spent splashing around at the pool. I know I didn't. There was something a little crass or maybe too commercial about our crowded day that made it unsatisfying to me, and I can't decide if I want the boys to agree with me or not.

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