Monday, June 8, 2009

SOLSC Day 100

Yep. It's true. A hundred days. In a row.

I started this challenge sitting by the fire on a freezing day when we were preparing for a snow storm. Today it's high 80's with a chance of thunderstorms, but there's a fire going in the kettle grill, and I'm on my way out to flip some local, free-range, grass-fed burgers. I just finished listening to Barbara Kingsolver read her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. (Tell me you weren't moved just a little when the second generation of turkeys hatched.) With a bit over a week left of school, I'm doing my best to cope with the hectic pace of the end-of-the-year AND the transition to summer, but it's not my strength. I did get to spend a little planning time today with my favorite collaborating teacher, and that was awesome; we're a good team. As for this evening, though, I'm just going to call it a hundred and log out until tomorrow.


  1. 100 days...yippee! Congratulations.

  2. A true writer! Thanks for sharing your world!

  3. Okey Dokey, I think, no I know, I'm totally jealouse. I couldn't make it past 40 and this is impressive. What have you gained with this discipline? What have you learned about daily writing? I'd love to read about those things in another post, but keep on keeping on with you regular stuff, and I'll keep reading.