Thursday, October 11, 2018

That Was Easy

V looked grumpy when he walked in this morning. He announced that he did not have his notebook, and then dragged his feet on his way over to pick up his copy of the book we're reading together, then he lay his head on the table and tried to read along sideways. A little while later, he was playing a game on his iPad under the table. After I instructed him to put the device on my desk, he sighed and tossed his book across the table and onto the floor. After class, I asked him to come back at lunch so we could talk.

My classroom was a little hectic at the beginning of lunch: kids were shooting baskets at the "Lollipop Line", others were borrowing books, plugging in iPads, dropping off binders. V sat moodily waiting for the room to clear. "How long do I have to stay here?" he asked.

"That depends," I shrugged. "Why did I ask you to come?"

He sat up straight. "I was unprepared, off-task, and disrespectful," he answered, nailing it.

"Right!" I replied with a little laugh. "How come?"

"I'd rather not say," he demurred. "Sometimes I just get like that. But, I'll do my best to not take it out on you."

"Thanks!" I said, "And if you ever feel like talking to someone, or you need a break, just ask."

"I will," he promised as he headed out the door to lunch.

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