Saturday, January 13, 2018

Puppy Party

Lucy was on from the moment she arrived at the party. Her friend, Theo, was turning 1, and so 5 dogs and their 8 people crowded into our neighbor's small condo. There was wine and beer and Arnold Pawmer's to drink, and pupperoni pockets, pawpocorn, pawstachios, and pups in blankets to snack on. Midway through, we sang "Happy Birthday" and all the dogs were treated to a pumpkin-peanut butter cake with yogurt frosting.

As festive as it was, I stood awkwardly in the corner, struggling to make small talk with the humans. But Lucy? She was the belle of the ball. Initiating play by carrying toys from dog to dog, wrestling and wagging with them and perkily attending to their owners as well, that doggy smile never left her face.

"Her teeth are so white!" one of the other guests said.

"That's because they're still new!" I answered.

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