Thursday, June 1, 2017

What? June!

That's what I wrote on my board this morning as my daily message to my homeroom students. On one level, it seems impossible that another school year will soon be over, and to be honest, I love my students this year. I will be sad to see each and every one of them move on to seventh grade.

There is a pent-up excitement in the kids, though, that they are hardly aware of, and that undercurrent of ridiculous, wild energy hums through the halls, spurting out in this or that impulsive behavior: neck-slapping, food-tossing, fidget spinning, dress-code challenging, giggles and whines.

And, oh, there is so much to accomplish in the three weeks we have left-- final assignments and high stakes tests, field days and field trips, all to be organized and supervised.

So, yeah.


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