Thursday, May 25, 2017

Y is for Yawn

Lots of animals yawn, and we do it for many different reasons. Yawning in people can be a sign of boredom or sleepiness, and they say that yawning in dogs is a sign of stress or anxiety. Why do we yawn in these situations? No one is sure. It is possible that a yawn just gets your lungs working and your blood flowing, which helps to wake you up and/or calm you down.

Whatever the reason, Lucy has the cutest yawn I've ever seen. She opens her mouth so wide it looks like a crescent moon, sticks her tongue out in a curly cue, and makes a little squeal. If you've ever seen Snoopy from Peanuts yawn, then you can picture it.

Yawning, by the way, is also contagious. Just reading about it can make you yawn.

Life Lesson: Admit it... you are yawning.

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