Monday, May 29, 2017


We were driving past a family on their bikes this afternoon when Heidi asked me if I thought a certain student at our school could ride a bike. "No," I answered, "but there are lots of kids at school who can't ride bikes."

In Washington, D.C. there is a PE teacher who wrote a grant to teach a unit on bike riding to third graders, and in our district, third graders go to one of the high school pools to learn to swim. "I guess kids today don't learn the same things our parents taught us when we were young," I noted, before I thought better of it.

"I wonder if there was a time when people thought it was a shame that some kids couldn't ride horses," I mused. "Maybe they said things like, Can you believe so and so can't drive a carriage?" I laughed.

"And who knows what the future will bring," Heidi said, "Especially with self-driving cars on the horizon."

"Well," I shrugged, "I'm glad I can swim and ride a bike," I paused, "AND drive! Also? I wish I could ride a horse and drive a wagon."

"It's never too late, Babe," Heidi told me. "It's never too late."

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