Friday, March 3, 2017

The Darndest Things

As advertised, today was student-led conference day at our middle school. Here are the golden lines from each meeting:
I love old people-- I always cry when they die in movies. 
Dad! Did you see where I wrote, "My dad was silent"? Isn't that great character development? 
I can't believe how good my grade is!
I think I serve my community by doing the dishes every single night. 
I do pay attention, except when I get distracted. 
I have no goals. 
The most surprising thing? It's how EASY middle school is! I did not expect that. 
Wednesday is my chill day. 
I learned that sometimes your friends are not good workers. 
If you're afraid to be wrong, don't raise your hand to answer, raise your hand to ask.
Oh, never fear! All went well, and as of now?

We are on track to end the year strong and on target!


  1. I like how you wrote this in verse - and I like the kids' responses.

  2. Love this idea! Students' responses are so honest and make for some good reading! (& a few laughs, esp in elementary school!)

  3. There are some pretty amazing lines here! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love these. We are doing student-led conferences in a few weeks. I would love to know how you run them.

  5. You hooked me - and the students' lines kept me. Fabulous.