Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Y2K + 17

For a loooooong time I resisted the use of slide show presentations in my class. Because personally? Although I recognize the advantages of organizing your remarks with a visual aid, I have sat through too many boring power points where the presenter reads from slide after uninspired or otherwise flawed slide.

My opinion began to flex when I saw how engaged my students were when the intern teacher structured his 10 minute mini-lessons with a slide show, punctuated with interesting images and a video or two. Then, when I taught the persuasive techniques unit and used TV commercials to illustrate the concepts, that medium turned out to be the most efficient way to present the information. So much so, that I invested in a wireless remote so that I could roam the room as I clicked from slide to slide.

And now, I'm hooked. Just this morning I threw together a Google slideshow on plot structure, complete with Disney and Pixar movie clips to illustrate the key points. Another upside is that I can also post the presentation in our Google classroom so that students can return to it as they need to, or any absent student who is so motivated can work through the material from home.

There is danger in the approach, to be sure: I know if I'm not judicious, I could end up with too much talking time for the teacher and too much seat time for the kids, but so far, my little digital natives seem to dig the big screen.

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