Thursday, February 2, 2017

This They Believe

As we make our way towards the end of the essay unit, my students are writing persuasive pieces on topics of their choice. Want to know what's going on in your local 11 to 12 year-old-brain? Here's a peek:

Dogs are better than cats
Cats are just as good as dogs.
School lunches should be replaced with healthy fast food.
Kids don’t have enough breaks.
The Patriots suck.
Kids should be home-schooled.
Tanning is bad.
Our school should have block scheduling.
Students should not have uniforms.
Schools should not offer fast food options for lunch.
Students should not have any homework.
Students should wear uniforms.
No testing makeup on animals.
Trust your guardian to guide you in the right direction.
Our town needs an Anime store.
School lunches should be better.
Bullying has to stop.
Elementary students should not have iPads.
The U.S. should allow refugees to immigrate here.
School should start later.
Donald Trump is unfit to be president.
Women should be paid equally to men.
School should be more fun.
The U.S. should adopt the metric system.
P.E. performance standards should be the same for boys and girls in middle school.
Factories should convert to renewable power sources.
Hotels are better than Airbnb.
A PC is better than a gaming system.
School’s should have less strict dress codes.
There should be more afterschool activities at our school.
Gym class activities should be free choice.
Vegetables are better than fruit.
Hockey is the best sport.
Candy should be healthier.
Apple products were better before Steve Jobs died.
Kids should be able to listen to music in class.
Kids should be able to vote.
Soccer is the best sport.
Kids should have more breaks during the school day.
People should respect gay people more.
There should be fewer tests in school.
Women’s professional sports should get as much attention as men's.
Fossil fuels should be banned.
Schools should have longer summer vacations.
Schools should have four day weeks.
School should be canceled whenever it snows.
Math is important to learn.
Gaming consoles are better than PCs.
Housing should be more affordable for everyone.
The school lunch period should be longer.

And, finally...

Legos are relevant!

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