Monday, February 6, 2017

Student Concerns

"Does C. have any friends?" the counselor asked at our weekly student concern meeting.

"He and E. are pretty tight," one teacher noted.

"Yeah," the counselor nodded, "but they went to elementary school together, and I'm wondering if either one is branching out."

"They're both kind of quiet," I said. "But how come you only asked about C?"

"Well," she started, "maybe it's just resting sad face--"

"You mean RSF?" someone wise-cracked. "That's a thing?"

"He just seems a little withdrawn," the counselor finished. She shrugged. "I'll probably just put him and E on different teams next year."

"Hey now!" I said. "Why do you have to be so extreme??"

She looked confused. "What do you mean? I just want them to make more friends."

"That is an introvert's nightmare!"

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