Friday, September 30, 2016

Simple Gifts

The champagne was open and a lovely tray of smoked salmon, cucumbers, herbed cheese, and wheat crackers was set out on our coffee table last night to celebrate the tin-year anniversary of my writing group. I pulled open the drawer where we keep our cocktail napkins, and was momentarily concerned when I couldn't find a single one. Rummaging a little deeper past coasters, crossword puzzle pens, and scissors,  I was able to dig up a mismatched pile enough for the four of us, but as of now?




Of course I will add them to my shopping list, but it will be a first. I have certainly purchased cocktail napkins before, but it has been mostly on a whim, never of necessity. I guess I owe that in large measure to Emily's mom, Judy. She was always the one who tucked a package of lovely or clever napkins into almost every gift bag. Judy's been gone almost seven years exactly, now, and how wonderful that those gifts have lasted until now.

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