Sunday, September 18, 2016

School Daze Chapter 3

"Tracey, what would make you happier at school?" my mom asked me on FaceTime yesterday.

"I'm not sure," I answered.

"Well, what is making you unhappy?" she asked.

I thought a minute. "I guess it's not really that much fun," I shrugged. "Teaching used to be really fun."

It wasn't quite as hopeless as all that, though. Just Friday, when the 90 degree heat had finally relented slightly just in time for the annual "Sixth Grade Watermelon Social," I had stood on the turf soccer field surrounded by over 300 kids running and shouting and generally playing quite nicely together. Eating a big slice of sweet watermelon, I soaked in their exuberance under the clear blue sky.

To carve out these 45 minutes, we had had a crazy-schedule day with short, out-of-order classes, but the kids pretty much rolled with it. And to be honest, the looseness seemed to become us all.

Maybe it finally felt like September.

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