Friday, September 2, 2016

Safety First

I've spent a lot of time in my classroom this week, hanging posters, moving furniture, organizing and putting it all back together after packing it up in June. This is the start of my 23rd year teaching in that very room, and when I moved in there in August 1994, the building itself was celebrating its own 23rd year. I still have the same tables, chairs, and teacher's desk that I started with, and I know they were original to the building, which makes them 46 years old-- vintage, if not antique.

I thought about that today as I fulfilled one of the first week requirements for teachers in our district by watching a 13 minute video on safety. According to the recording, teachers number more than six million in the United States and make up the largest workforce in the nation. Unfortunately, we are also a workforce without any formal safety training, and as such, 300,000 teachers are injured on the job every year.

The number one cause? Slipping and falling at ground level, but close behind is falling off something else.

Like maybe 46 year old tables?

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