Saturday, September 3, 2016

Living on a Prayer

"I never did see that national parks IMAX movie," Heidi remarked as we walked home from the grocery store this afternoon.

"Let me see what time it plays," I said. "That might be a fun thing to do this weekend." By then we were nearly home. "Oh my gosh! There's a show in 20 minutes! We can make it if everything goes perfectly. Wanna try?"

"Sure!" she answered, and we threw the perishables in the fridge and raced to the car. Although the theater is less than five miles from our house as the crow flies, making it in time for the movie was not a sure thing by any means. To begin with, we had to cross at least one bridge and then find parking in downtown DC on a holiday weekend. Fortunately, though, Labor Day is a traditionally dead time in our nation's capital.

Despite a couple of jerks on the road and a few clueless pedestrians, I made it to the city in under ten minutes. Trolling Constitution Avenue for a spot near the Natural History Museum was unfruitful, though, and so I rounded the corner hoping for a spot right on the mall. Bazinga! Just a little down and across from the sculpture garden was a perfect space. In I pulled and we headed down the sidewalk, up the steps, through security, and into the great hall with three minutes to spare. There was only one person ahead of us in line.

And then it all fell to pieces.

One customer. One staffer. One hundred questions. Ten tickets. Ten minutes too late.

The American History Museum was awesome though! 

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