Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cheers for the Cuppa, Mate

We did a stint caring for our neighbor's cats while she was in London last week. Although we are happy enough to help out, she always makes sure to bring back a few gifts for us. This morning, as she presented us with a lovely little bag of goodies, she apologized to me.

"I think I may have gotten you the same thing as I did the last time I was in London," she said. "I shopped in some of the same places."

"You got me another catapult?" I asked excitedly. "From the London Catapult Shop?" I teased her.

"We call that shop the British Museum," she laughed, "and no, I did not get you another catapult."

I ended up with a special edition tea and bone china mug from Harrods... can't complain about that.

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