Thursday, September 29, 2016

The First Decade

Ten years ago I had recently finished the summer institute at our local chapter of the National Writing Project. I believed with all my heart that to be an effective writing teacher, I had to write myself. And I had-- all summer long. As part of the program we were put in writing groups to meet and share our work twice a week. It had been such a rewarding experience for me, but now that the institute was over, I was worried that I might not continue writing.

Fortunately, that autumn I found three other teachers who were interested in writing, too, and we have been a merry band of scribblers ever since, meeting every month or so to eat, drink, and share writing.

Tonight was more or less our 10th anniversary, and so for the occasion (and okay, because I'm also feeling a little swamped) I dug up the first piece I shared. To be honest, it was pretty good, and I can't really say that I've written anything better since then.

So, has it all been a waste of time? Far from it. That piece may have come together for me, but I wrestle with writing every day, and it's definitely the struggle that makes me a better teacher.

The food and the friends ain't bad, either! Here's to the next ten, you guys!