Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pittsfield Pitstop

The road home from vacation has a few stops for us this time. We wanted to see our newly-retired friend Trudi in her new digs outside of Albany, and since we were traveling from Maine to Virginia via Buffalo (and why not, really? Don't teachers have the whole summer off?) this seemed as good time as any. Still, Trudi wasn't equipped to put all three of us and a dog up for the night, so we needed to find a good place to break our trip.

Since Treat is working for the summer in the Berkshires, Western Massachusetts seemed like a natural place-- 6 or so hours from Mount Desert Island and maybe one from Albany-- and we could spend an evening with him. Well, then it was obvious that Bill and Emily and Sonic should plan to stop there also, for after all he is their boy.

And so a plan was hatched, and after a few hotel misses (economical and pet-friendly on a Saturday night is not an easy find) we found ourselves on the sixth floor of a place in Pittsfield, MA, in a couple of rooms across from each other at the end of the hall. Isabel had never ridden in an elevator before, and her doubt upon entering the tiny little room turned to disbelief when the doors closed and pure shock when we started to go up.

Once in our little corner of the hotel, the dogs ran back and forth between the rooms, until Sonic drank water and promptly barfed it up on our carpet. Isabel took advantage of that distraction to head around the corner, where I found her a minute later being shooed away by an Indian family who didn't think she should go down the elevator with them. We were still hub-bubbing when Emily came up from parking the car, but, never fear, Sonic greeted her at the elevator. A little while later Treat and I carried the easy chair from their room to ours and Bill rolled the desk chair in, too. The dogs found quiet corners, and with a collective sigh, we all relaxed, happy to be together again.

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