Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fort Richard

Richard has been a little frustrated that we moved our furniture since the last time he was here. Our old arrangement made it easy to build a cozy den behind the couch, and last summer he spent hours there playing on his iPad. He even slept in it at Thanksgiving.

Oh, he gave it a good try, but with nothing to drape the blankets over, the first fort he built was generally unsatisfactory. In fact I didn't even think he was in there this afternoon when I told Annabelle that it might be time to take it apart. He popped his head out at the end of the conversation and shrugged. "Go ahead," he told me and headed upstairs. That made me a little sad. The day is coming when Richard will set aside his fort-building, but I was sorry to hasten it.

Sitting on the couch a little while later, I tried to problem-solve. We had looked for alligator clips to fasten blankets to our bookshelves the day before without success. What else could we do? I pondered the puzzle when a Eureka! moment struck. There was a length of climbing rope with carabiners at each end in the car. We got it years ago in Maine to allow Isabel to run the clothesline (instead of running away!) in the yard of our rental house.

Richard and I went out and fetched it and then fastened one end to the curtain rod and the other to the railing separating the dining room from the living room. A few cushions and several pillows and blankets later Richard had built a nifty little tent fort into which he crawled happily.

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