Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bubba Gump Peach Co.

On our way down here to Atlanta, we stopped in Gaffney, South Carolina, self-proclaimed "Peach Capital of the World." In less than the ten minutes we promised Richard it would take, we had ourselves a half bushel of delicious golden globe freestone peaches. Even though they were conveniently packed in a range of ripeness, it turns out that 50 peaches is kind of a challenge for the six of us to eat.

Oh, not that we haven't given it a pretty good try--

Peach slices, peach smoothies, peach galette, grilled peaches, and chili lime peach upside down cake have all been on the menu so far, with talk of  peach jam, peach pancakes, peach muffins, and maybe a little peach salsa, but still

That's a lot of peaches!

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