Monday, October 19, 2015


A few years ago we had a little local political dust up. One of our elected officials crossed the majority of her party and not only came out against a big transportation project, but she supported a GOP candidate in the election as well. In an outcome that rocked our tiny county, the Republican won, the streetcar was canceled, and the Democratic leadership called for the rogue politician to resign, if not from office than at least from her party. Neither happened, but she has definitely been a woman without a caucus for the last couple of years, although recently there have been rumors that she wants to resets list the connections she cut back then.

Election season is upon us now, and we are being deluged by calls from this or that candidate's volunteers and reminders to vote. This evening I was cooking dinner when the phone rang one time too many. My greeting was terse as I lifted the receiver, but instead of the robocall I expected, a friendly voice asked for Heidi. "May I take a message?" I replied, and when the caller identified herself it was that board member herself, working the phone bank on a Monday night.

I assured her we both planned to vote for the Democrats she was calling in support of, and when we hung up I could practically hear the fences being mended.

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